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§   My web designs frequently earn the top-ten rank on search engines.

§   I specialize in promoting your business to Amarillo and the world.

§   Websites are compatible with all modern browsers and monitor sizes.

§   Disability website design - accessible by individuals with disabilities.

§   Websites are safe, secure, and load quickly for your customers.

§   Full service website design, creation, optimization, and hosting.

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Office hours are 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.

Mailing address: P.O.Box 20954, Amarillo, TX 79114

2414-2 Lakeview — by appointment only please

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Basic One Page Website - starting at $480.00

Good choice for a small business.
Website is programmed for search engine optimization.
Domain name.
Unlimited Emails.
Additional pages with the same theme: $90.00 each.
(Customer provides photos and text.)

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Business Five Page Website - starting at $840.00

Better choice for businesses.
Website is programmed for search engine optimization.
Domain name.
Unlimited Emails.
Additional pages with the same theme: $90.00 each.
(Customer provides photos and text.)

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High-end Web Design - starting at $3,500.00 per page

Maximum quality attainable online.
The best SEO techniques are applied.
Layouts can aim for artistic, commercial, or personal.
High-end is usually necessary for top national rankings.
Domain name, email, sub-domains, bandwidth, etc.

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Full Service Web Design, SEO, and Maintenance
Starting at $50.00 per month

Are you serious about driving your business to the top? Are you ready to compete with your competition? Do you want to be number one? I can build you an optimized website (or update your existing website), regularly update the site, and continue to build on the site to increase its search engine ranking. My methods of achieving high ranked websites are confidential, but I do guarantee that your site will be listed in the top ten of a major search engine.

Look at the three different results from the meta-search engine IXquick, as well at IXquick, and also at IXquick.

Basic monthly SEO: $50.00 (6 month minimum prepaid; approximately 1 hour per month of SEO updates on an existing website).

SEO report of an existing website: $120.00 (for individuals who want to do their own website modifications).

Full SEO: starting at $500.00 per month (minimum of 10 hours of SEO updates per month, first month prepaid).

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Search Engine Rankings

All of my optimized website designs have had pages in the top ten on major search engines, and sometimes number one. I build every customer's web page with the thought in mind of it earning top rankings among search engines, and my high-end pages are given additional optimization techniques that have repeatedly proven to earn a top-five national rank against strong competition. (Depending on the customer's keywords, some sites may not earn higher than the #2 national rank due to the huge popularity of the #1 sites like Wikipedia. The costs to rank higher than Wikipedia can sometimes be expensive.) I cannot guarantee top placement for all websites, but I am confident that every site I build will receive high levels of recognition in major search engines. If search engine placement is a high priority, I can make it happen.


I began selling and servicing high-tech electronics in 1982, computers in 1986, programming and installing Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) for local sysops in 1991, and designing websites in 1999. I passed several FBI background checks required for previous licensing by the Texas Private Security Bureau, I was contracted for servicing confidential state-owned equipment, plus I have had open access to high and maximum security computerized controls at prisons, government agencies and corporations. I have also been entrusted with numerous valuables at museums and residential locations. As a native Amarillo resident I am familiar with the unique needs of Amarillo businesses. My customers are global.


My programming and other services are thoroughly inspected to ensure that the customer receives a top quality product. I have over 10,000 satisfied customers in the electronics-computer field.

Information - Learn more on the FAQ page.

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Hosting services are available for individuals who want to manage their own websites.

Search Engine Optimization services.

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